Real. Genuine. Free Spirited.

Wedding Photography

Berklee Danyel is a Wedding/Elopement photographer in the Southern NV area. Specializing in couples portraits, telling stories through timeless and captivating imagery. She took her business full time in 2017 and has been capturing love stories since. Her passion for photographing couples shows from the beginning of her sessions and long after the photos are delivered. Clients enjoy her free spirit and easy going nature while shooting, making it a comfortable & memorable experience.

Genuine love stories

The tenderness of authenticity

Creating emotion and movement instead of poses, Berklee is able to capture couples authentically. How they truly interact with one another bringing out their spirits and tender moments.

Ay Yo, It's Berk!

Genuine & extremely open minded, I love to meet new people and new dogs. Since I was 14 I have loved taking pictures of almost anything. I found my niche a couple years ago shooting couples and weddings. I love being outdoors with the moon and the sun, taking in the fresh air and staring at tall beautiful green trees. I do live in the barren desert so I tend to be surrounded by tumbleweeds and dirt. But from my favorite parts of nature to my least favorite parts I am truly inspired by it all.

I am married with a bonus daughter and another daughter of my own! I love family + my 5 dogs to the fullest. I am mostly a homebody but the roads endlessly call my name. I LOVE road trips and seeing new places. I would take any opportunity to go anywhere any time. I have recently started a fitness journey which has become a huge part of my life. I actually love it and I am so thankful to be doing something for myself!

I am a little libra + an enneagram type 2

"Don't take for granted those little things, those little things are all that we have."

- A Day To Remember